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Instruction of ABW series hand-operated winch

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Please read the instructions carefuny before installing and using the winch.

ABW series hand-operated winch is a mechanical apparatus which is utilized to draw the load by turning the winch drum manually.The gear.driven winch cable drum turns and pulls the cable wound around it so as to draw the load.It is eqiupped with auto brake,which makes the winch safer.When the winch cable is sustaining the load and the winch drum keeps still,the brake will work automatically.

2.How to install the winch:
1).Install the winch:
Uncover the package case and take out the winch.Unscrew the hexagon bolt and the shim from the end ofthe axes of the gear.Fasten the nut on the handle into the trapeziform whorl on the end ofthe axes ofthe gear and make the inside face ofthe nut contact the friction piece.Then fasten the bolt and the shina rigidly.
2).Install the winch cable:
Unscrew the hexagon nut ofthe stabilizing board in the left side ofthe winch drum,take offthe stabilizing board ofthe winch cable and the bolt of oval head and square body.Wrap one end of the winch cable around the winch drum (clockwise rotate ofthe winch cable drum)and route the end ofthe cable through the long and round are hole on the left side ofthe rail.The length ofthe exposed part ofthe cable end should be round 7—10 cm.Pass the nut ofoval head and square body through the square hole on the left side of the drum from inside to outside.Put it into the cable stabilising board and make the cable turn round the bolt and pull backward and block it into the round slots of the stabilizing board,fasten it in tight with hexagon nut.Tum the handle,make the steel cable wound around the drum. (When wrapping,always make the cable in tension).
3).Use 3 nuts and bolts,which are fit to the size ofthe holes on the bouom ofthe legs,to fastenthe winch onto the base or platform which is capable of withstanding heavy load bearing.

3.Important notice on security:
1).Do not use this winch to pull people or lift people.
2).Overload is forbidden.Do not use it to draw wallopped load either.
3).Do not touch the winch cable,drum or the pulley when it works.Always wear gloves or cover the cable with some thick cloth when the cable needs to be put in order.
4).When the cable is less than 5 circles around the winch drum,do not use winch to draw load.Otherwise,the stabilizing board is not capable to bear the load and accident probably happens. When drawing load,always keep the cable vertical with the winch cable drum.Too much departure in angle is easy to make the winch cable being frayed.
When working,do not clasp the hanging hook at the end ofthe cable onto the cable itself so as to prevent the steel cable being frayed.
Whenusingwinchtodrawheavyload,itisbettertousepulley systemto reducethebearingofthewinchandthe cable. 8).When the cable is found damaged(such as broken strand,rusty or cable·knotting and so on),do not use it any more until new cable is replaced which is capable for the load.

4.Examination and maintenance:
1).Examine the fastening ofall the bolts and nuts fixed andthe condition ofthe winch parts regularly.In case any problem is found,do not use it until they are fixed properly.
2).Remember to examine the winch cable before use every time.Only the cable is in good condition call we use the winch. Otherwise,the cable must be replaced.
3).Remember to examine the brake before use every time.When the brake is found not in good order,do not use the winch before the brake is fixed.
4).Always remove the dust and salt or other chemicals that may corrode the cable and always keep the cable clean and flexible.

下载中文版《CHAMPION ABW手动绞盘说明书》: http://www.mywinch.com/help/source/CHAMPION_ABW_manual.pdf






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